Category Management: Cost and Leveraging Strategies for Supply Professionals

July 31, 2018
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Boston, MA

Looking to improve your organization’s strategic approach to managing spend? This seminar will put you on the road to using spend analysis and proven category management techniques to their full advantage. Find out how to remove cost and leverage value from spend categories. You’ll also gain insight into where the field is headed and why sophisticated category management skills are a must for today’s top professionals.

Who should attend

Buyers, sourcing specialists, category managers, negotiating professionals and those who manage these responsibilities. Also supply management professionals seeking to improve or create value-added sourcing, category management and supplier relationship skills. The seminar is for all levels.

You will learn

  • How volume aggregation, standardization and resulting economies-of-scale contribute to aggressive cost takeout
  • How to use spend analysis to identify financial targets
  • Value-adding strategies and techniques specific to distributors, manufacturers, raw material suppliers, service providers, and the management of true commodities
  • Techniques for identifying and managing category-specific risk
  • Managing the costs of administration, and considerations related to building and retaining a highly skilled, robust professional workforce.
  • Four ways to segment spend categories
  • Fourteen important considerations when planning to outsource
  • Seven key considerations for retaining skilled employees.

You will earn 21 CE Hours

Please bring a calculator to this seminar

Course outline

  1. Important definitions: economies-of-scale; return on assets; profit margin; volume aggregation; standardization; outsourcing; non-price related value
  2. Spend analysis
  3. Category segmentation: By spend category; through risk and value analysis (Quadrant analysis and SWOT analysis); other segmentation strategies
  4. Category value optimization techniques and methodologies:
    1. Distributor relationships - When buyer leverage is low (distributor relationship management; Competitive bidding; consortiums). When buyer leverage is high (distributor relationship management; Understanding supplier cost behavior; Separating supplier fixed and variable costs; Volume aggregation; Standardization (how volume aggregation and standardization generate economies-of-scale)
    2. Manufacturer relationships - When purchasing standard goods (single-unit purchase; multiple-unit purchase); When purchasing non-standard goods (single-unit purchase; Multiple-unit purchase; How to create and use leverage; Calculating the financial effect of leverage
    3. Raw material supplier relationships - Assembly operations (components); Process industries (feedstocks); Contract manufacturing;
    4. Service provider relationships - Typical issues related to purchase of services (scope of work; supply management expectations); Managing the quality of services (stakeholder needs analysis; Content of request for proposal; Measuring service provider performance); Managing acquisition of services
    5. True commodity supplier relationships - Commodity exchanges; Commodity pricing; Anti-trust law; Three key pricing arenas (spot buy; 1-year in advance; the long term strategy – world supply and demand.
  5. Key Considerations When Dealing With International Sources
  6. Key Considerations in Managing Category-Related risk
  7. Managing Administration Costs — Software solutions; Automation techniques; Identifying and eliminating low-value-adding activity

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Wade C. Ferguson, DBA, C.P.M., CPSM, is President and Principal Educator with Erv Lewis Associates, LLC, offering training and consulting services to companies seeking to improve value from their supply chains.  Driven by a belief that Purchasing and Supply Management can be an effective competitive weapon, ELA specializes in assessing current strengths and potential of purchasing organizations, and assisting in the transformation of traditional functions into leading-edge strategic contributors. Prior to joining ELA in 2010, Dr. Ferguson held various purchasing and contracting positions with the South Carolina Public Service Authority for over 30 years. His training seminars are based in practical application of leading-edge supply management skills and techniques, and he is widely regarded as an expert in strategic supply management. 

Dr. Ferguson has presented numerous programs for ISM Affiliates and Chapters, ISM Regional and International Conferences, other professional associations and private corporations across the United States and Canada. He contributed over 50 articles to trade and professional publications, including Southern Purchaser, InfoEdge, Purchasing Today, Electronic Buyers News, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, and numerous Conference Proceedings. He has long experience in presenting supply management seminars and certification review courses. 

Dr. Ferguson served the supply management profession for many years through volunteer participation in ISM at all levels from local to national. He served on the Board of Directors and as President of both his local affiliate chapter and at the regional affiliate level (ISM Carolinas-Virginia, Inc.) He also served for many years with the NAPM (ISM) District Council and was a member of the NAPM (ISM) national Board of Directors. He is the recipient of the 1995 ISM-CV Thomas Award, that association’s highest award for contribution to the profession; the 1999 Charles C. Johnson award, given by the NAPM (ISM) District V Council; and was twice awarded the National Professional Development Person of the Year by NAPM (ISM). He currently serves on the Carolinas and Virginia affiliate Board of Directors. 

Dr. Ferguson has over 35 years of classroom experience as an adjunct professor teaching adult education courses at both the under-graduate and graduate levels.  He currently teaches MBA classes in Production and Operations Management, Managerial Economics, and Business Policy at Webster University and several online business courses for Strayer University. He was recently honored as the 2011 Webster University Charleston Metro Campus Professor of the Year He is currently an Adjunct Faculty member of the Acquisition and Supply Chain Management masters program at the University of Maryland University College. He is also on faculty at Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC. 

Dr. Ferguson has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from The Citadel and a Doctor of Business Administration Degree from Nova Southeastern University.