Approval of Updated ISM-Greater Boston Bylaws

ISM-Greater Boston Members --

The Board of Directors of ISM-Greater Boston (ISMGB)  has approved an "update" of the ISMGB Bylaws and hereby submits them to you for APPROVAL. The "updated" ISMGB Bylaws can be read at this link ISMGB Bylaws 2018.  The purpose of the update is to simplify the text, eliminate provisions that were no longer needed, and provide for more flexibility in the managment of the association.

The primary changes in the updated Bylaws are:

- slims down our mission to be more appropriate for our current and future state
- removes un-needed bureaucracy
- removes the requirement to audit our financials, which, due to our current size, is not a requirement and thus will save us money
- removes the requirement to have a Managing Director
- takes out unnecessary language throughout
The "update" has been reviewed and been given preliminary approval by ISM national.
Your consideration of the Bylaws update is important. Please take a moment to VOTE. The voting period is open until COB, Monday, July 23. 

Respectfully submitted, David Kriz, CPSM, CPSD - Secretary

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