Strategic Spend Management

September 27, 2017
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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Strategic Spend Management: Best-in-Class Strategies for CPO Success

Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

 Webinar sponsored by BuyerQuest


Did you know that for every dollar of enterprise spend that is placed under management of a procurement department, the average enterprise sees a benefit of between 6% and 12% in savings during the first contract cycle?

So why aren't more procurement departments focusing on increasing their total spend under management?

Register for the latest webinar from Ardent Partners to find out the strategies used by Best-in-Class CPOs to help improve spend management and convert it into real value.

Join Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners, and special guests, in a complimentary webinar, entitled Strategic Spend Management: Best-in-Class Strategies for CPO Success on Wednesday, September 27 at 2pm ET, where they will discuss. CPOs and other procurement leaders will not want to miss it! 

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 About the Webinar:

Spend under Management refers to the percentage of total enterprise spend (which is comprised of all direct, indirect, and services spend) that a procurement organization manages or influences. The percentage of spend under management at the average enterprise remains relatively flat at 61.2% in 2017. After many years of consistent growth, the industry's all-out drive to place more spend under management has started to slow with more and more procurement organizations seemingly satisfied to manage around 60% of total spend. Only 16% of all CPOs are focused on increasing this number over the next three years.

While there is no guarantee that managing more spend will result in superior performance, Ardent Partners research has consistently shown that the procurement groups that manage more spend report superior performance across most other key metrics. Luckily, Ardent Partners and BuyerQuest have some strategies and tips to improve spend under management and help procurement leaders convert it into real value.


Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners

Matthew York, Research Analyst, Ardent Partners

Kyle Muskoff, VP of Product Services, BuyerQuest